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FengXin Herb dedicates in improving people's health by nature's gift. With decades experience in natural botanical field and million-dollar cooperation all over the world, FengXin Herb have become a premium supplier of health care products and reliable provider of nutraceuticals ingredients.

In the year of 2001, FengXin Herb was founded by a group of experts in botanical field with a same mission, since then FengXin Herb has grow rapidly each year. As we focus on natural botanical ingredients, our products have been applied in nutrition, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, additives etc.

Our mission:
Provide natural botanical extracts with quality and price deserved by customer.
Focus on the detail requirements, from production origin to customer service.

Our Products:
Natural Botanical Extracts,
Fruit and Vegetable Powders,
Amino Acids,

With one chance with us, FengXin Herb will provide you:
Reliable products strictly according to GMP quality system.
Professional R&D team and strict quality control for active ingredient content, heavy metals, microbiology etc.
Experienced sales team with professional pre-sale and after sale service.

FengXin Herb –Your Reliable Partner of Natural Ingredients!




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